My NaNoWriMo Kit

 Sonja at So 5 asked, "What's in your writing kit?"  So here's a list of the contents of my NaNoWriMo Kit, followed by pictures!

1. My Desktop.  Its official name is "Kimberly's Desktop."
2. My mom's laptop, which I intend to borrow when I go to write-ins.  I have a laptop but it's eight years old now, so it's not good for much.
3. Fingerless Black Gloves that I crocheted myself!  I read a lot of folks saying this was a good noveling totem.  I found a pattern online for fingerless gloves that were specifically created to be good for web browsing.  The yarn is rather nubbly, which makes them seem especially bohemian to me.
4. The NaNoWriMo website, of course.
5. Photoshop, though I haven't done anything so far because I can't come up with a tagline that I like.
6. Ye Olde NaNo spreadsheet, updated for 2007.
7. Will.  That's my boyfriend.  He pokes holes in my story.
8. My special water bottle, complete with "How you comin' on that novel?" sticker.  Imagine Stewie Griffin's voice getting higher and higher...
9. My beautiful polka-dotted notebook.
10. My gorgeous Pilot Dr. Grip gel pen.
11. My Helen Keller post-it notes: "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough."
12. My iPod Shuffle.  I think it needs a name.  Any suggestions?
13. My $3.50 32 MB USB key, for when I want to work away from home.
14. No Plot? No Problem!
15. How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (because I don't know how to do anything else)

What about you?  What's in YOUR writing kit?

NaNo Items Already + Shopping List

Here is a list of NaNo stuff!

Already Have
1. Guide: No Plot?  No Problem! by Chris Baty
2. Notebook: Black & White Fabric-Covered notebook with red insides and red ribbon bookmark from Fountain (Nippecraft Ltd)
3. Pen: Pilot Dr. GRIP Gel in BLACK
4. Word Processing Device: Dell Optiplex GX270
5. Reference Book: On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony
6. Music: Currently creating a playlist; Pink iPod Shuffle
7. Giant Bistro Mug

Need to Acquire
1. Writing Totem
2. Meals
4. Special Writerly Water Bottle
5. Coffee

I am an old hand at quitting.

As you can see, my October Project fell by the wayside.  Still, I'm gearing up for NaNoWriMo and once I've gathered all my materials I'll be providing you with a delightful photo album featuring all my noveling accoutrements! 

October Project #3

Fandom: Cats/Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats #2

Cat #3 is an expert with card tricks. He starts out slow with the Four Friendly Kings, but he'll amaze you with his rendition of the Whispering Deck. The deck will meow into his ear which card is yours! And all of this he can do completely lacking in opposable thumbs. Cat #4 will leave you awestruck as she uses her incredible mathematical prowess to perform tricks with dice. In an especially rare feat for a cat magician, she will perform the Bartender's Psychic Dice Trick - deigning to dip her paw in the water and then wipe her face with the wet paw, all to tell you the total of the numbers on the bottom side of the dice. 

October Project #2

Fandom: Cats/Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats #1

This is the beginning of a series of posts.  I'm not sure how many there will be total.

Mr. Mistoffeles, aka the Original Conjuring Cat, has several apprentices.  These are unnamed kittens, and there are seven of them.  No one knows their origins.  They simply appeared one day, coming out of a hat.  Mr. Mistoffeles teaches them tricks of various types.  Cat #1, as we shall call him, is an expert in ventriloquism.  I heard him meowing the other day from the kitchen when I could distinctly see that he was by the sliding glass door at the back of the house.  Cat #2 is a contortionist.  She got outside, when I had left the window open only a sliver and didn’t open the door all day long.  There she was come afternoon, staring up at me through the glass.

October Project #1

Fandom: Firefly

No children under 14, read the sign in the Capital City Hospital Maternity Ward. And this was a policy to which the hospital adhered strictly. Mostly. Dr. Gabriel Tam had special permission to bend the rules a bit. After all, what was ten years here or there, when it concerned the children of one of the hospital's own doctors?

It was with wide and wondering eyes that Simon Tam entered this forbidden territory, eager for the first time to see his new and as-yet-unnamed little sister. She had shown a few problems in her breathing, and so she was being kept in the Special Nursery. Even Dr. Tam wasn't able to get Simon in there, but he led Simon right up to the window on the nursery.
"There she is," he told Simon, pointing at a baby with bright eyes and a full head of hair.
"What are you going to name her?" Simon asked.
"We thought we'd let you name her," his mother answered, approaching in a wheelchair pushed by an orderly.
"You," his father said, nodding. 
"fa liang!" he exclaimed.
"So," his mother said. "What shall we call her?"
He took a long look through the window at that tiny face, those eyes that despite their newness seemed to hold the wisdom of the ages. "River," he said.
"River it is," said Gabriel. "I'll go get the papers. Let's go, Simon. Say goodbye to your sister."
"zai jian, mei mei," Simon whispered, pressing his face against the glass. "I'll see you later." Then he turned and, with a broad grin on his face, took his father's hand.

The October Project

Welcome to my new writing journal!   In anticipation of NaNoWriMo, I've decided to set up a bit of a challenge for myself.

Here's the deal:

Every day for the entire month of October, I will post some fanfiction.  It can be as short as a 100-word drabble or as long as a serial story.  But it will be here, and it will be me writing.

The basic idea here is that to improve at writing, you need to write.  But I get hung up on all the world-creation parts of things.  This will give me the chance to write without having to worry about that; someone else has made the world and the characters for me.  Now all I have to do is get inside them.

You can expect to see writing in the following fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Final Fantasy (VII, X, or XII, most likely, though with perhaps some V or VI thrown in), Harry Potter, Star Wars, and perhaps others.  I'm open to requests, provided it's something I feel fairly grounded in.

Care to join me?  Drop a comment, and I'll keep a list of who's playing.